Want to generate killer traffic for the site? then start blogging. However, special attention needs to be given on the SEO strategy that will be implemented for the blog site. There are several SEO procedures that can be followed to drive killer traffic towards the site. This article shares some of the most effective and […]

Pinterest is the new and rapidly growing Social Network. Currently, dominated by women; although for how long remains to be seen as it is becoming a source of inspiration for designers, artists, chefs, foodies, bloggers, fashion writers, gardeners – everybody! The best feature Pinterest has to offer is not its networking capabilities; it’s not even […]

StumbleUpon is looked at differently by bloggers, they either hate it or they love it. The actual benefits of StumbleUpon depend very much upon what the blogger is looking for. It’s all a question of time. How much time do you want to dedicate another Social Network? Is StumbleUpon something you can do most of […]

If you are new to blogging or an established blogger, you must be aware how important it is to connect your blogging account to the twitter account. The main objective is to direct the traffic from the twitter account to your blog so that there is a substantial increase in the number of readers. The […]

Ensuring that your Blogs Facebook page attracts ‘likes’ has recently become quite a priority for many of us within the blogging industry. Facebook is one of the ultimate sharing platforms and can make many posts go viral through the increase of likes and direct shares related to each specific post. The more people that like […]

Now this is a list, in order of what has worked best for me in the past. Some of these methods (particularly number 5), may go against the grain, however – they have all been tried and tested. Enjoy. 1. Competition The most effective way to build up your twitter following is arguably, to create […]