We are glad to announce the release of a free eBook on “How to promote your new website”. This 29 pages guide will help you to get your website seen by giving you professional advice. You can get it for free by subscribing to our RSS feed (you can also subscribe by email in our […]

Pinterest is the new and rapidly growing Social Network. Currently, dominated by women; although for how long remains to be seen as it is becoming a source of inspiration for designers, artists, chefs, foodies, bloggers, fashion writers, gardeners – everybody! The best feature Pinterest has to offer is not its networking capabilities; it’s not even […]

StumbleUpon is looked at differently by bloggers, they either hate it or they love it. The actual benefits of StumbleUpon depend very much upon what the blogger is looking for. It’s all a question of time. How much time do you want to dedicate another Social Network? Is StumbleUpon something you can do most of […]

Writing an eBook for your blog brings with it a variety of benefits. The eBooks marketplace is growing at tremendous rates and as the tablet computer market continues to grow, so will the demand for eBooks. As an eBook is essentially a digital book, you don’t need to go with your tail in-between your legs […]

SEO or the search engine optimization provides all the web pages and blogs with a rank. Based on the rank, the website will feature on the search index. The more the traffic, the higher the SEO ranking and this is a circle. With a greater traffic your sales also increases. If your website has a […]

Ensuring that your Blogs Facebook page attracts ‘likes’ has recently become quite a priority for many of us within the blogging industry. Facebook is one of the ultimate sharing platforms and can make many posts go viral through the increase of likes and direct shares related to each specific post. The more people that like […]

There are a number of ways to promote your blog online. You’ve heard about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – all the usual stuff. Not many people tell you how promoting your blog OFFLINE helps too. Let me tell you, promoting my blog offline worked better for me than promoting it online in the early stages of […]