Here I am going to show you different ways you can make money on your blog without clogging it up with all the unnecessary adverts you often see on other websites. So below are a few ideas on how to make money from your blog using a variety of non-advertising methods. Paid Posts This one […]

The following list comprises the top 5 eBooks every blogger should read. It doesn’t matter if you’ve blogged for years, you can still find use in many of the books listed below. Even experts go back to basics from time to time, to ensure bad habits haven’t overtaken good blogging practice. As the books are […]

Most bloggers and even professional websites utilise Google’s AdSense. It’s popular, very easy to use and Google are never short of businesses wishing to advertise. AdSense has become one of (if not THE) primary revenue model for most online businesses and blogs today. 1. Bigger is Usually Better Attention spans are relatively short, especially when […]

Monetizing your blog can be a very tempting opportunity. Why not receive some income, not matter how big or small, for something you are already doing. Many people start blogging for the sole reason of making money, ignoring the passions behind their writing (these are the blogs that generally don’t tend to do as well […]

If you still have doubts whether you should start writing a blog or not, here are a few reasons why you should start writing yours. There are obviously much more reasons than that but these are the most decisive ones to me. 1. To Establish Yourself as an Expert People will not assume that you […]

So you want to generate traffic to your blog? Of course, we all do! Once you got your site setup, it is very depressing if nobody is reading it. Make sure to follow the tips mentionned below if you want to generate traffic to your blog. 15 ways to generate traffic to your blog 1. […]