The most comprehensive guide to WordPress, written by Jeff Starr, a web developer, designer, and author with over 10 years experience on the Web. He is author of .htaccess made easy, co-author of Digging into WordPress, and WordPress Editor for Smashing Magazine. The Tao of WordPress is targetting mainly WordPress beginners, students or designers, in […]

Want to generate killer traffic for the site? then start blogging. However, special attention needs to be given on the SEO strategy that will be implemented for the blog site. There are several SEO procedures that can be followed to drive killer traffic towards the site. This article shares some of the most effective and […]

Quite often, we tend to follow our instinct and just start blogging without thinking too much. It can be great to just take a leap forward, but it can also go against your productivity. To maximize the outcome of your efforts, I suggest that you take some time every now and then and just take […]

Designers always try to create the most attractive designs for websites, usually focusing mostly on the homepage, single articles and sometimes categories pages. For blog designs, designers tend to often overlook one important thing: the importance of blog posts layout. There is a good reason why printed magazines use different templates for each type of […]

Step 1: Log in Accessing your WP admin account is easy enough, once you’ve set up WordPress with your domain name and hosting account, you simply go to the following address: Replace yourwebsitename with your own personal domain. This brings you to an admin log on page, shown to the right. Enter your username […]

Idea generation for new articles is one of the most difficult tasks a writer faces. You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘writer’s block’? If not, then it’s a problem most writers face – they run out of ideas and their mind goes blank. This article provides the top ten ways to avoid writer’s block. Here […]

Blogging has become more and more mainstream as people have been blogged their lives away for years. What comes with time, are mistakes. If you started your blog without proper research into style and appropriate structure, you are likely to be making a few of the blogging mistakes outlined below. 1. Frequency of Updates This […]

Writing takes its toll on all of us. Writing post after post after post… after another post, can take a lot of energy, time and commitment. With all this writing, you want to see results. Improving SEO with a variety of different writing habits can help you see these results. If you’ve been writing blogs […]

If you still have doubts whether you should start writing a blog or not, here are a few reasons why you should start writing yours. There are obviously much more reasons than that but these are the most decisive ones to me. 1. To Establish Yourself as an Expert People will not assume that you […]