One of the biggest security issues for WordPress is that many website owners will not update their install or their plugins. For the main install, the issue was partly settled by auto-updates for minor versions, but plugins are still too often left with their old versions. This can be due to not updating the blog often, […]

Whether you are a designer, a developer, or you just downloaded a WordPress theme and want to check its integrity, some quality control is always good. Here are three ways you can use to validate your WordPress themes. An excellent resource if you don’t want to install a plugin to check your themes, just […]

WP Beginner decided to publish a very useful new resource: a WordPress glossary. This will prove especially useful for beginners who don’t know what a term means and need to get a quick explanation.

For developers and designers, it’s always good to keep a set of tools, themes and templates to have a working base. This deal is a great occasion to grow your toolbox cheaply.

Bloggers write articles, publish them and share them. Serious bloggers take it a step further, they use the tools that make all these tasks quicker and more efficient. We have compiled a set of the tools that we find a blogger must have if he or she is serious about writing on the web. 1. […]

Working with WordPress, you should always be aware of what’s going on in the community and know what tools are available to you. WP Goodies is the perfect place to do the latter. It is a website that collects WordPress related resources: themes, frameworks, plugins, tools,… there isn’t much that you will not find on […]

We are glad to announce the release of a free eBook on “How to promote your new website”. This 29 pages guide will help you to get your website seen by giving you professional advice. You can get it for free by subscribing to our RSS feed (you can also subscribe by email in our […]

Ok so first things first, if you’re new to blogging then the chances are you won’t know what SEO stands for. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and without this on your blog there’s a good chance you won’t get any traffic to your website at all. Basically with the right key words and tags […]

The following list comprises the top 5 eBooks every blogger should read. It doesn’t matter if you’ve blogged for years, you can still find use in many of the books listed below. Even experts go back to basics from time to time, to ensure bad habits haven’t overtaken good blogging practice. As the books are […]

Creating a digital design portfolio is critical for any artist, freelancer and business out there. There used to be a time, when word of mouth, press packs and a stellar reputation was what you needed to get by in the world of design. In today’s day and age however, people, prospective clients and businesses expect […]