Showing off how many times a post has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ is great, but wouldn’t it be better if you could just show the total number of shares. Actually this is pretty easy to do in WordPress. To add up the shares of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, all you need to […]

On the first page of your blog, you will never have newer posts to link to, so you should be able to identify this case. Same goes on the last page of posts. To check if you have next or previous posts to display, just include the following PHP code. if($link = get_previous_posts_link()) { echo […]

If you struggle to get the width of your elements right in CSS, this small walkthrough of the differences betweet width:auto and width:100% should clarify things for you.

Whether you are a designer, a developer, or you just downloaded a WordPress theme and want to check its integrity, some quality control is always good. Here are three ways you can use to validate your WordPress themes. An excellent resource if you don’t want to install a plugin to check your themes, just […]

The road to WordPress 3.9 is on fast tracks with the release recently of WordPress 3.9 Beta 2. This version has over hundred changes made since version 3.9 Beta 1. All the details are available in the original announcement post.

This is a little trick that I recently used in a design. I had to separate the posts by day, and insert the date once, a bit like what you can see on your likes page on StumbleUpon. To do it, all you have to do is to insert this little bit of code in […]

A great chance to update your WordPress toolbox at a very cheap price. This bundle features 5 of Dev7studios’ most popular plugins: Nivo Slider, Showcase, carouFredSel, Closed Beta, and Custom Emails.

You may be a good WordPress designer or developer, but are you making the money you are worth? WP Elevation does just this, it teaches you to become a WordPress consultant and see your rates hit the ceiling.

Building a website for a hotel is a complicated task. You need to manage some bookings, make the sites attractive and convenient. Templates are a great way to simplify this task for that matter. Just look at the little selection we have made for you. 1. Hotec Hotec is a sleek and clean responsive WordPress […]

Post thumbnails will not be added to your feed out of the box in WordPress. To change this and finally add thumbnails to make your articles stand out in feed readers, here is what you should do. In your theme’s functions.php file (create one if it doesn’t exist), add the following code: function add_featured_image_to_feed($content) { […]