One of the biggest security issues for WordPress is that many website owners will not update their install or their plugins. For the main install, the issue was partly settled by auto-updates for minor versions, but plugins are still too often left with their old versions. This can be due to not updating the blog often, […]

Quite often, we tend to follow our instinct and just start blogging without thinking too much. It can be great to just take a leap forward, but it can also go against your productivity. To maximize the outcome of your efforts, I suggest that you take some time every now and then and just take […]

Bloggers write articles, publish them and share them. Serious bloggers take it a step further, they use the tools that make all these tasks quicker and more efficient. We have compiled a set of the tools that we find a blogger must have if he or she is serious about writing on the web. 1. […]

As a blogger, progress often comes through trial and error, reading blog posts and watching videos on the topic. You need to expand your knowledge on the technical side of the system, marketing issues, online relationship building, social networking, so many skills that it’s hard to follow up. One way to learn is to watch […]

We are glad to announce the release of a free eBook on “How to promote your new website”. This 29 pages guide will help you to get your website seen by giving you professional advice. You can get it for free by subscribing to our RSS feed (you can also subscribe by email in our […]

Here I am going to show you different ways you can make money on your blog without clogging it up with all the unnecessary adverts you often see on other websites. So below are a few ideas on how to make money from your blog using a variety of non-advertising methods. Paid Posts This one […]

1. Keep the same format: Writing blog posts and pages in the beginning stages of blog creation is often very fun and writers can get ahead of themselves, not heeding to one particular format. Titles, headings and subheadings should always be sized consistently throughout your blog. A good blogger, before even writing their first post […]

1. User-Friendly Navigation This goes without saying, if a user isn’t sure how to navigate your website, they will give up quite easily! How can you expect to convert new readers into returning users without easy navigation? The best type of navigation for blogs has four specific elements: Search Bar Perhaps a reader remembers something […]

Idea generation for new articles is one of the most difficult tasks a writer faces. You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘writer’s block’? If not, then it’s a problem most writers face – they run out of ideas and their mind goes blank. This article provides the top ten ways to avoid writer’s block. Here […]

Writing an eBook for your blog brings with it a variety of benefits. The eBooks marketplace is growing at tremendous rates and as the tablet computer market continues to grow, so will the demand for eBooks. As an eBook is essentially a digital book, you don’t need to go with your tail in-between your legs […]