5 Ways to build up your Twitter Following

February 3rd, 2012
Posted in Social media

Now this is a list, in order of what has worked best for me in the past. Some of these methods (particularly number 5), may go against the grain, however – they have all been tried and tested. Enjoy.

1. Competition

The most effective way to build up your twitter following is arguably, to create a competition. Using the HashTags #competition #follow and #prize seeks out people that A) love entering competitions. B) People that are willing to follow you. C) Find people that want the chance to win a prize.

Creating a competition around your blog’s niche inevitably helps build a twitter following as people generally want free stuff. Here’s an example to guide you:

You have a gardening blog and have just created a Twitter account, with around 80 or so followers (from your regular readers) and the date is the 5th of January.

Once every two days tweet this:

#Follow and RT! For your chance to win #Gardening #Prizes FREE. Just follow us and RT this to enter the #competition – Ends 5th Feb.

The above line uses 132/140 characters available, hits the competition, follow and prizes keywords whilst also hitting the keyword for your niche!

The RT in the tweet means that if people want to enter the competition they have to follow you and RE-TWEET the message. This essentially means that everybody interested in entering the competition also have to broadcast the message to their own subscriber base, increasing the audience of your message.

The competition should last around 2-4 weeks, giving more users time to see the competition and enter it. Quite often you have to be specific with what prizes are on offer, therefore you should supplement your competition tweets with clues, ideas or even pictures of the prizes you intend to give away.

2. Mass Follow

A general way to build a twitter following at the beginning of creating your twitter account is to use the MASS FOLLOW technique. Follow as many people as you can that have posted in hashtags that you are interested in or your blog promotes. Sticking the above example the hashtags you could add users from could be: #garden #gardening #flowers #flower #growing #gardenproducts #outdoors #gardeningproducts

Search all of these HashTag queries in Twitter and add users that have posted using them. After a few weeks many of them, if interested in your content will be following you back, as you are content specific to their own interests. Quite often though, you twitter following will be unbalanced, with you following thousands and only a few hundred following you back. Use websites such as http://tweepi.com to un-follow users that are not following you back.

Once your blog is popular and users begin to follow you simply because of their love for your blog and your popularity, you can begin un-following people that clog up your feed. You will lose followers doing this, but you will also filter out the unfaithful subscribers and make your Twitter profile seem more professional.

3. Quality tweeting

The best way to retain and gain Twitter following is the quality of your tweets. Always use HashTags relevant to what you are posting about and when you can, feed in a quality link that users will find interesting.

Quality tweets are often the ones that get re-tweeted, increasing your Twitter account exposure beyond your HashTags and Twitter following.

Tip: Philosophical tweets that are deep and meaningful get re-tweeted and favourite by many users.

4. Stick to your niche

Don’t post about anything and everything that you find funny or interesting (unless it’s a personal twitter account), because you want to build your following for the purpose of your blog. The fact that people are following you is because they want updates on your current content, or related content your blog subscribers will find interesting.

Try to keep a theme within your Tweets, the HashTag #Shopping for a Shopping blog in most of your tweets will do the trick. That way everybody that is interested in Shopping will eventually, in the long run gain exposure to your twitter account. If they see that most of your tweets involve Shopping and related activities, they will become interested in your account and follow you.

5. #TeamFollowBack & #FF

This is not a recommended way to gain a following, however it can help in the early stages of Twitter following development. There are groups of people on twitter that simply want to gain a following, like you. If you follow them, they will follow you back.

This group of people generally are not interested in your content , they just want you as a follower. When you try to build up Twitter credibility, people often look to the amount of followers you have as a way to see if you are ‘popular’ enough for them to follow. A good way in the beginning to help build your Twitter presence, however these users should eventually be un-followed once you’ve established yourself and your brand on Twitter. To find these people, use the following search terms: #followback #teamfollowback #TFB

Adding to the point, there is a common HashTag used by most people every Friday. #FF – Follow Friday. You can leverage this to your advantage. Every Friday, create a #FF message, whilst tagging three-four of your new users. This will send them a notification that you have mentioned them in a Tweet. Knowing that you are promoting them on your behalf, they will often return the favour. Furthermore the #FF puts your name into the Follow Friday search terms.