5 plugins to help build a community on your blog

People who are not familiar with blogging tend to view it as an occupation that will isolate you from the world. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Blogging allows you to exchange ideas with new people from all over the world, it’s not uncommon that these virtual debaters end up meeting in the real world.

Community is what you should strive for with your blog, it’s much more important than big stats or huge ad revenue (ad revene is still sweet though). In this article we investigate in what WordPress plugin can help you to create community on your site.

1. BuddyPress

If you must install only one plugin to create a community, it will be this one. BuddyPress will turn your blog into a full-featured social network. It is a very powerful plugin, yet simple and you can turn features on/off very easily.

Your users will be able to blog, participate in groups, have an activity stream, friend or message each other, and much more. BuddyPress site.

2. Mingle

The other social networking plugin for WordPress. It’s not as powerful as BuddyPress, but compatible with more WordPress themes, so you can chose it if you need a very quick integration.

Mingle is perfect if you want your users to connect with you and with each others, but should not be chose if you want to let your users write on your site. Visit Mingle’s site.

3. TDO Mini Forms

With this great WordPress plugin, add forms to your blog that your readers can use to submit content to your blog. The forms are highly customizable, allowing you to chose who can submit news, and hold the user-submitted content as draft until you approve it. Visit the TDO Mini Forms website.

4. WP Members

Give your members, paid or not, exclusive access to some premium content by installing this membership plugin. An excellent way to make your closer users feel priviledged by creating a member zone. Visit WP Members site.

5. Whisper

Let your users feel closer to you by allowing them to send you whispers, aka short hidden messages that only you will see. Visit Whisper website.