Become a better blogger by analyzing your competition

Quite often, we tend to follow our instinct and just start blogging without thinking too much. It can be great to just take a leap forward, but it can also go against your productivity.

To maximize the outcome of your efforts, I suggest that you take some time every now and then and just take a look at how other bloggers, if possible successful ones, become popular. Now lets take a look at the elements you should scrutinize on other blogs.

Articles’ topics

It’s important to know what to write about if you plan to create an editorial calendar. Take the 4-5 most successful blogs in your niche and look at what they write about. By browsing categories, you can see what topics come more frequently and how they are treated.

Many bloggers will list their most popular blog posts, take a look at those and check what are the topics and how they are written. Are all popular posts list articles? Tutorials? Breaking news? You will see what topics are the most popular in your niche that way.

Another great indicator of an article’s impact is the number of comments on a post. Check if the big bloggers in your niche share their most commented posts and see what they are about. This is the best way to find out what topics will stir up a good conversation on your blog.

Design elements

It’s often hard to take decisions on how to layout your blog and what to encourage. Analyze how the big boys get their sites designed. Do they put a big RSS button to encourage subscription? Do they put social media buttons at the beginning of the post, at the end?

Many bloggers have written about the huge positive impact a redesign can have, so you should pay special attention to this.

Promotion techniques

The most famous a blogger becomes, the better he must be about promoting his blog. How do they find new readers?

Most bloggers will share their posts on social media, but do they also advertise the blog? If yes, where do they advertise, on Google AdWords, BuySellAds, Influads,…? You can also check if they send press releases, host giveaways, exchange links,…

Social media presence

Social media presence has become crucial for bloggers. To become popular, you will need to have a good presence on social networks without wasting time there.

Follow all the popular bloggers of your niche on those social networks and see how they communicate with their followers. See how often they share their blog posts and whether they communicate a lot with their followers or not.

It is also crucial to chose the right social network, see what social media presence gives them the most traffic and the best networking.


Don’t wast your time and effort with Google Adsense if nobody in your niche is making money with it. Check out all the popular blogs in your niche and see how they are making money.