5 tools you should consider if you are a blogger

Bloggers write articles, publish them and share them. Serious bloggers take it a step further, they use the tools that make all these tasks quicker and more efficient. We have compiled a set of the tools that we find a blogger must have if he or she is serious about writing on the web.

1. Google Alerts

Finding information is crucial to a blogger, you have to stay on top of the news and it can be quite time-consuming. Google Alerts is the perfect tool for the busy blogger, it will help you find news without even searching, and even better, it will be news on the topic you want. Another common use for Google Alerts is to follow your name or your blog’s name, so you can know every time you are mentionned somewhere, and can eventually enter that conversation since you are concerned.

To set up your Google Alerts, simply go to this page and fill in the form.

2. Evernote

First good thing about Evernote, it’s free! It is also an amazing for note taking notes. Save articles, excerpts, images, and much more across all your devices in a snap. Probably the best tool to prepare your articles.

3. Flickr Creative Commons search

Finding images for blog can be a really painful experience if you are worried about respecting artists and photographers copyright. Flickr has a neat functionality for helping you with that, they let you filter out your searches to look only for images that you can use on your blog. You can head on the dedicated page to start searching, make sure to still check out the license, as you will often be required to source the image author.

4. Twitter Lists

Twitter has for long been a quite messy service, and finding information if you were following a lot of people it was quite hard to filter out messages and find what’s interesting. Luckily, they have added Twitter Lists a couple of years ago, and organizing people you follow by topic or location suddenly became much easier.

5. Windows Live Writer

A great application that lets you centralize your blog writing on your desktop. You can write for all your blogs from the same interface, and even better, you can write even when you are offline and just publish later, when you are connected again. Using Windows Live Writer to write your articles should definitely increase your productivity.

Of course there are many more great applications that can increase your productivity and help you become a better blogger, we just picked a few that we use on a regular basis. What about you? What are the tools that help you to be better at blogging?