The 8 habits of successful bloggers

April 12th, 2012
Posted in Blog tips

1. Keep the same format:

Writing blog posts and pages in the beginning stages of blog creation is often very fun and writers can get ahead of themselves, not heeding to one particular format. Titles, headings and subheadings should always be sized consistently throughout your blog. A good blogger, before even writing their first post should come up with a publishing format that they can easily follow for the rest of their blogs lifetime.

A consistent post format allows the you to keep a structured post, and gives the regular user opportunity to come familiar with your posts and scan them more efficiently for the information they want to read.

2. Relax:

A good writer never finishes their article and clicks ‘publish’. The best habit you can have, apart from getting friends to proofread your finished posts is to simply save everything you write as a draft. Once you’ve saved your post as a draft, leave your computer and relax for a little while – perhaps make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee. After 20 minutes, go back to your article and read through what you’ve written. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it all coherent
  • Could it be structured more effectively
  • Have I stuck to my own format guidelines
  • What can people learn from my writing

If you’re satisfied with the above, you’re probably good to publish!

PS. Always spell check – or even write your articles in Microsoft Word first and use their spelling and grammar check.

3. Keep True:

Keep true to yourself! You more than likely started your blog to let the world see your slant on a subject, view the world through your point of view. Never write articles that you think will please your readers, write articles that please you and stick to the core and fundamental reasons you started the blog in the first place.

It’s likely that the readers found and stuck with your blog because of how and what you were writing at the very beginning anyway! If you try to cater your newer posts to different audiences, they could see it as you ‘selling out’ – never sell out and stick to your beliefs (unless your beliefs change of course).

4. Give your posts a Social Push:

Don’t just post your blog post on your website and leave it at that! Always have multiple channels open and pointing towards your website. If you have a Facebook Page, a G+ account, Twitter – anything; place your posts there too. This is a habit that should be consistent, publish one post per day, or one post every 2 days (however often you write them). Never push multiple posts in one sitting however!

You may have sat down and written yourself four fabulous articles! Always stagger their release on to your blog and post each one on your Social Networks at a similar time on separate days.

5. Network, Socially:

We’ve covered posting your articles on social networks, but you shouldn’t just use these channels as a place to push your own posts and ideas. You’ve got to respond to comments, you’ve also have to go out of your way to network with other bloggers around similar or even just interesting subjects. The best way to promote your blog, is through other bloggers. Making friendships, and inter-blog connections is a way to socially promote your blog as well as a way to benefit from SEO’s sacred inbound links.

You should also find ‘comment tribes’ which are found across networks for bloggers, simply post your article and give other bloggers the opportunity to read and comment upon what you have written. It’s always good to get a fellow blogger’s opinion on what you’ve written.

6. Be Active:

Being active doesn’t mean sitting at home and writing post after post (although that is part of the deal of being a successful blogger). You’ve also got to be active in the real world. Get involved in real events that are focussed around your subject matter and then write an informative positive/negative critique of your attendance etc.
Get involved and be active with other bloggers of the same subject, they are not competitors, they are just other writers with a common interest.

7. Be on the Lookout:

Always be on the lookout for new and improved plugins that could improve the performance of your blog. Finding things out first can give you a competitive advantage over other more corporate websites. It could be the case that you find a new social network startup that is increasing in popularity. If you become one of the first users of that network, it is inevitable that if you are active, you can become a serious and popular influencer for your niche. Just look at Pinterest! Imagine you were one of the first few beta testers on Pinterest – you may have had the opportunity to build a huge following and increase your authority on your subject before competitors and corporate figures even had a chance to compete with you on the network.

8. Comment others:

You love getting comments on your blog right? Well so do other bloggers – make them happy by posting on their blog posts, always leave your own web address behind so that A) It can be picked up by search engines and B) The blogger has an opportunity to network with you and comment back!