Making StumbleUpon work for YOU!

StumbleUpon is looked at differently by bloggers, they either hate it or they love it. The actual benefits of StumbleUpon depend very much upon what the blogger is looking for. It’s all a question of time.

How much time do you want to dedicate another Social Network? Is StumbleUpon something you can do most of the time? Or something you will do occasionally?

For Occasional Users

Traffic Driving

Use StumbleUpon as a primary traffic driving tool. Every article you write should be submitted straight to StumbleUpon, if it’s interesting and categorised correctly, others may ‘stumble’ it too; right there within the StumbleUpon network (not including your regular readers). The more people that stumble your article, the more views your page will receive. Chances are that if your content is good, people will choose to explore your website further.

The downside to using StumbleUpon in the hope of traffic is that your blog will receive an unusually high ‘bounce rate’. A bounce rate is essentially the statistic given to users that visit your website for a few seconds and without exploring any further, leave your website. This is what StumbleUpon was actually designed for… giving its users access to content that interests them without having to crawl the web themselves, so users are in ‘bouncing’ mind frames.

When using StumbleUpon for your blog promotion though, don’t let ‘bounce rate’ get you down. You have to remember that you are using SU (StumbleUpon) as part of your promotional toolkit; you can blame SU as a contributing factor for a high bounce rate.

Reward Loyalty

StumbleUpon lets you create a profile, it also allows you to comment on links and follow other users. The casual SU user may not want to spend too much time building up a great profile and networking effectively with other stumblers, but a casual user can easily reward loyalty. If somebody stumbles your pages or comments on them relatively frequently, reward them with by following them back; perhaps even stumbling their webpages (if they have any).This helps increase a type of brand loyalty right there within SU using only 2-3 clicks of your mouse.

For the Power User


We just talked about the casual user being able to reward loyalty with just a few clicks of the mouse, this is true. A Power User of StumbleUpon can take this to an entirely new level.

Networking is the backbone of any successful blog, it requires a lot of initial effort, but in the long-run you’ll benefit tremendously. This is very much the same within StumbleUpon. You should find out who the influencers are within your niche on StumbleUpon – who has the most users that pushes content related to your own? Follow them. Initiate a dialect; perhaps ‘Stumble’ their videos? Do they blog? If so, comment on their posts. Be positive and keep at it.

If you network for long enough, some of these ‘popular’ users will stumble your pages, giving them more visibility and the potential for more virility. The algorithm of StumbleUpon is unknown, but people speculate that users with more activity and followers influence much higher levels of traffic. This could be because their opinion is more respected and trusted; it must be to continually gain followers right?

Other Power Users are who you need to be engaging with, get them to push your blog to their followers. In the process of constant activity and interaction, you will eventually gain more followers becoming a Power User yourself.

Beautiful Profile

When you create your StumbleUpon profile, make it beautiful and ensure it sticks with the branding of your blog. This will create a consistency for your blog readers to become comfortable with and will help new followers gained through StumbleUpon transfer to your website more easily – Consistent branding is key to any form of memorable promotion.

Finally, once your profile is up to scratch, be sure to not just stumble your own articles. Stumble other related content. This will provide a more diverse and rich viewing experience for followers – you don’t just use StumbleUpon as a promotional tool; you use StumbleUpon because you love it. A fuller, more varied profile of content will be much more preferred to an SU user.