10 custom social media icon sets

1. wplift social media icons

Huge amount of icons available, the author – Oli Dale updates the set regularly, keeping on top of the latest trends such as Pinterest, Instagram etc. FREE.

2. Gedy Rivera

Simple but elegant; this icon set offers a lot of customisation on your own part, once you’ve received the set colour overlays and blending options can be changed very easily through WordPress. The website also offers the user free updates via email when changes are made to the icon set.

Unfortunately there are no demo pictures available for this product, so click the link above to check them out for yourself!

3. Alex Peattie – JustVector Social Icons 1.5

This icon pack is fully editable, comes in multiple formats and is scalable to any appropriate size. They are free of charge too, so if you’re looking to get some unique and highly editable icons – Alex Peattie has provided the perfect vectors for you.

4. Stampaxx – made by thomas and mike

A fantastic set of unique icons very unlike every other set out there. Make your Social Media Icons look like authentic stamps across your webpage. The icons are all free to use for any type of use, the set includes 1 large psd and 100x pngs. stamp.

5. Picas Icons by Rok Benedik

Strangely appealing very simple social icons; there are also sets available for purchase on the website.

6. Vellum Social Icon Set – eFrog Digital Design

The set is free for use and the pack comes with 5 different sizes in png format. This set makes your social icons look like peel off leather embossed tags; a great way to catch the eye of your readers.

7. IC Minimal Icon Set – Design Deck

A beautifully simple yet elegant set of Social Media Icons. They are customizable, coming with their original PSD document. If you have Photoshop – load up and get editing and experimenting with different colours.

8. Setway Icon Set – Design Deck

Design Deck does it again and enters the list twice with our top ten designs for Social Media Icons. This set is free and comes with JPG, PNG and PSD formats, allowing a huge amount of customization, although we don’t think the icons need it – they are simple, effective and VERY web 2.0.

9. Vector Social Icons 2.0 – Tom Bryan

The social Icons may look a little quirky, but we think that’s a good thing. They don’t look like they stand out, but compared to all the other Social Media Icons we could find, for some reason we always kept drawing back to them. It must be the textured look they have about them.

The author charges $5.00 for the Icon set, although if you like, he’d also accept $2. The set includes the .EPS file – with 111 icons! That’s more icons than I can even think of, you’ll never without an icon if you get this set.

10. Splatter Social Media Icons – IconShock

This set of Icons is the most unique we’ve seen. They are called splatter, but they look almost furry to touch. Something we found very interesting. This pack only contains 8 social media icons (many important ones)… but if you can live with just the 8 – then this is definitely a pack of Icons to consider. The set includes 8 different sizes ranging from 12px-512px in PNG format.